Sarvius - Sales Forces Automation

Manage your sales activities in Automation.
Schedule, Plan, Realisation all Sales Activities
in One Single Applications

About Sarvius - Sales Forces Automation


Sales can plan visitations, selling, and transactions. Including Reimbursement and Entertain Planning, which makes Sales Officer do things faster, and Manager can approve it real time for the plan.

Track + Maintain

Track and View all reports from Sales Activities in Dashboard view for Management, with rewards incentive systems for Achiever, makes everything Tracked and Maintained.


Realisations of all plans real time with geo tagging, and photos. With approval by higher ups. Absences Modules included.

Attendance can be anywhere

Take attendance with great accuracy and detail
current location.

Make plan visits and surveys with ease

You can easily select the date of the month you want to make a plan visit and survey with the status plan that has been submitted or you can reschedule the plan. Displays the plan list for approval from superiors or gives approval from your subordinates' plans.

Order monitoring

You can easily view and create your ordered items. The sales order list from the admin can be seen in detail.

Quick and complete reimbursement reporting

Submit expense and entertainment reports quickly, wait for the boss and admin for approval.

Contact list

Creating customer contact and potential leads is easy.

Admin Panel

See all Sales Activities in a detailed reporting view based on all activities that have been happened. Export all activities so it can be reported for Data Analysis easily, anytime. example daily, monthly, or yearly.

Sarvius - Mobile App

Applications for Field Officers, we know that things happened on field are hectic, thats why Sarvius makes it easy for Sales to achieve their target without reducing any Performances. with Approval role for Sales Manager.

Sarvius - Sales Forces Automation

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